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Sound The Alarm!

At a corporate prayer meeting recently, there was the regular small group of believers who are passionate about prayer and come as if they are on a mission.  Did you catch that it was a small group who showed up faithfully? Although the need for corporate prayer has been stressed and the invitation is sent out regularly, it more often than not falls on deaf ears.

As we were praying against several things that block or hinder the Holy Spirit to move with greater power and fullness, an urgency started to arise in me like never before.  This urgency entailed a seriousness to lay down our lives, our ambitions, and our agendas for the purposes of God.  A cry of repentance came for our selfish ways and for living by our will at times and not His.  The revelation of our OWN WILL came to me last night and I was shaken to the core.  I asked the Holy Spirit to show me if my own will was getting in the way at times.  It was a question I never really thought to ask myself because of my own strengths of passionate prayer, worship, commitment, and leading people. However, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that yes, He has been wanting to move more powerfully but my own will takes over at times.  He showed me several areas that I need to start adjusting to make more room for Him.

The morning following the prayer meeting, one man who attended shared a dream he had that night. This is what He shared;

“I'm not one to remember dreams, but lately since a prophecy at a church gathering it has increased more and more. Last night was disturbing, Christians were getting told to deny Christ, Pastors were crying- they were helpless, & Christians were told to give up converts. it was a local setting with recognizable faces and a familiar environment. It left me thinking that we must advance, take ground, and dig in. Our generation is on the line and we are losing not because we don't have overcoming soul winning power, but because we don't take ahold of it.”

I believe God is ‘Sounding The Alarm’ in His body to gather and especially pray. However, the noise of our own will often causes us to dig in and resist because we are really choosing to live out our plans and not His!  Believers must arise with passion and fervency in prayer, worship, and desire the power of the Almighty moving in their lives more than anything else in the world.   Like the faithful few who choose to pray as a body, God is calling others…..yes, that means YOU, to lay down your life, to gather, to pray, and  be on a mission under His command.  Will we hear the sound of His alarm or will we let the noise of our own will drown out His call?   As our brother shared in his dream, we must remember that we have an enemy and he won’t relent. If His people don’t respond to God’s alarming call, and listen only to our own will, we will one day reap the consequences.

Author: Sheri Deobald

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