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Prophetic Ministry

The purpose of the LOC prophetic ministry is to develop a framework so that the prophetic can function effectively, and so it can be received properly within the local church.  This framework will help to release people to minister within the appropriate church context and will help people to be received more positively.  Ultimately we would want to see the development of prophetic individuals and teams who could then be released to minister prophetically in various situations.  Paul says in 1 Cor.14 to – pursue love and desire spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophecy.

We provide training & teaching on several aspects of prophetic ministry such as: 

  • What is prophecy?
  • Why is prophecy important? 
  • How to hear from God
  • Ways God speaks to us
  • Components of a prophetic word 
  • How to “receive” a prophecy 
  • Attitudes and character in prophetic ministry 
  • The importance of judging prophecies & how to do that. 
  • Help believers activate and flow in the gift of prophecy

For more information on our prophetic ministry, please contact Sheri Deoabld 

Prophetic training