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Pastor's Bio

While living in Regina in the spring of 1984, Perry Hubick experienced a dark pit of depression resulting from alcoholism, broken relationships, and marriage problems. Soon he would find himself surrounded by people sharing their stories of how Jesus Christ had come and set them free from alcoholism and drug addiction.

While visiting friends, Perry’s wife, Cheryl, would have an encounter with the Holy Spirit. This ultimately led Perry into believing that God was not only real, but wanted to meet with them in a powerful way. By the summer of 1984, Perry had received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He joined a charismatic church where he constantly saw demonstrations of the power of God and received uncompromised teaching of the Bible. At one of the services, Perry said to the Lord, “Fill me with the Holy Spirit!” Right then, he was filled with the Holy Spirit, receiving a boldness to pray for people and share the gospel. Perry’s life entirely changed for the better. He was free from addictions and his relationships with his wife and others were being restored.

With a growing passion and desire to serve the Lord, Perry served in different areas and eventually became the youngest elder in the church. In 1993, after an acquaintances daughter was murdered as a result of being pulled into prostitution, Perry felt he was being called to the ‘prodigals’ and started ministering out in the streets. During fourteen years of street ministry, Perry started to have a ‘global vision’ to reconcile people back to God. A burning passion was growing within him to reach the world. He told the Lord, “I will go the ends of the earth for you.” Soon, he would travel to Belize, Mexico, India, and Russia. During these trips, his life was often in danger as he saw many come to Jesus including mass amounts of Muslims. He would see miracles of healing and lives being transformed by the presence and power of God.

In May of 2008, Perry’s pastor, Dave Wells approached him with the possibility of becoming a pastor at a church in Saskatoon, SK. After visiting the church and seeking the Lord about this decision, Perry Hubick became the Senior Pastor of Life Outreach Church in September, 2008. (Formerly known as Southridge Outreach Church)

“My desire is to see believers reach their full potential in God. I want to help them to rise up out of mediocrity, and fulfill their destiny in Him.”, Pastor Perry Hubick

Perry and his wife Cheryl have been married since 1981.They have four children; Darren, Jordan, Kyle, and Karla.

Perry Hubick is a graduate of “Into His Harvest” Bible College. Attending this college helped to solidify his calling as it focused on his passion for evangelism, outreach, leadership, and practical Bible application.