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The India Mission stems from Prison Fellowship India headed by Co-Founder and Chairman Dr. BVR Rao, under Prison Fellowship International.  It started with the intent to help the families of prisoners with long-term to life sentences. Their communities would shun them and the children would suffer and be unable to get an education or be fed and clothed. This has now expanded to helping children of AIDS victims, beggars’ tribes, dalits and those suffering abuse within the home. Single, abused and pregnant women are now helped with support efforts and job training programs so they can start providing their own income. Children’s development centers offer children a safe environment to get a nutritious meal, vitamins, clean drinking water and help with their education. They learn of the Lord and that people care for them and love them - something many of them have never experienced. They bring their friends, as the development centres exist and grow only by word of mouth. The parents see the changes of how their children are becoming well-mannered and respectful. This helps the entire community to become better and gives it hope for its future. Holy God Ministries is also now a part of these India missions. Pastor Johnson started taking his ministry to the dalit slum colonies in rural isolated areas. He has since grown his ministry to 361 pastors - all who have each taken on the responsibility to care for their own village. Funding is near nil, as these villages have none to give. Food, clothing, shelter, clean water, and services are all needed and aimed to be obtained for all these villages.

India Missions goes to support numerous children’s development centres, women’s vocational programs and parenting support. There’s also an area of support for about 400 villages that would be referred to as Dalit Slum Colonies. The 80% Hindu majority of India delegates these Dalits to the lowest of their caste system. They are outcasts from society and are meant to be kept isolated in their own communities. They are left to fend for themselves. The missions in India that Life Outreach Church supports goes to help the pastors in place in each of these Dalit communities. Wells for accessible water are brought in, programs are started to help them obtain a more permanent type shelter. Education, food and other basic services are aimed to be provided. In the process the people are introduced to the Lord. They are shown and taught that they are loved by others and able to obtain a level of dignity in their life.

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